Keeping The Nursery Fresh With Playtex Baby™ Diaper Genie® Complete

  1. Oh, I wish our church nursery/mother’s Lounge would get a Diaper Genie! They just have a trash pail and it is so YUCK! I can’t even go in there to feed the baby, and I hate to change diapers in there because the smell is so bad all the time. They NEED a Diaper Genie! The church where we lived before we moved had one and it was heaven! Always kept the smell away. I insist on having one with all of my kids for our own nursery. It makes a huge difference. #client

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      Oh my goodness- YES. We didn’t have one for years and it always smelled SO bad in there. Then we got a new nursery coordinator and it was seriously the first thing she instituted. BEST THING EVER.

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