18 Beautiful Christmas Stockings by Missouri lifestyle blogger A + Life

18 Beautiful Christmas Stockings

  1. I’m going the magnolia route for the kids’ stockings this year! I don’t know which ones yet but the stockings are probably my favorite items from the collections so far.

  2. kristen says:

    ooooh so cute! we don’t really do stockings (gasp, i know) but i keep meaning to grab some. i really like #1 and #9. very cute!

  3. Aubrey says:

    I made a huge mistake last year and bought ugly stockings for everyone. I honestly didn’t know they were ugly at the time. We had been using random old ones for the kids for years and last year I bought solid knitted ones with the first letter of their name. I thought they would be timeless. Turns out they are ugly. I wish you would have posted this last year. Then again the reason i ended up with the ugly ones is they were less than $10 a piece because I was too cheap to buy the better ones. Lesson learned.

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