Friday Favorites

  1. Springfield, MO reader here 🙂 Can you believe this insane temperature change we had? Your mentioning of snow made me check the weather right away. Fingers crossed for some of the white stuff!

  2. Andrea says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Greatest Showman! We ended our 2 week Christmas break with a snow day that wasn’t really warranted so my neighbor suggested we take the 8 kids between us to see it our local theater – and I thought I was crazy to agree! BUT the kids LOVED it and so did we! My kids and I have plans to take my husband to go see it this weekend (luckily our small town in Michigan has a small-town theater and we can go for under $30, snacks included!!!!) And the soundtrack has been on constant repeat, with all the kids singin along loudly!!!

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