Life With Three

  1. brittany says:

    oh my gosh, i sooo know what you mean when you say you start to “feel like yourself” again. tiny baby life is serious!!! and then suddenly you get to a point where you are somehow okay to be *you* again for like 60 seconds or so and it’s like ahhhhh! oxygen! you guys look like you’re doing so well!!! mr finn is soooo stinking cute!!

  2. Your crew is the sweetest!! Glad things are going well, but I know managing and organizing your days is a ton of work. I laughed when you talked about the effort it takes to get everyone out of the house for errands. So. Much. Work. It feels like a good workout some days. Your big girls are seeming so big all of the sudden and Mr. Finn is so so handsome.

  3. Hannah Beth Reid says:

    Amen to someone always needing something and someone always making noise!!! Glad you’re finding your groove again!

  4. Laura says:

    The noise is no joke! So much noise. And I feel ya on days being packed. If we are out of the house lots, nothing gets done. And even on the days I stay home, the chores plus general rearing is endless.

  5. Whitney says:

    Yay to feeling back to normal- I understand this completely!!

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