The Blessing Of Sibling Age Gaps

  1. Because I don’t have babies of my own, I can’t comment from personal experience but I have cousins; one is 3 under 3 and the other is a 4 year gap between the first two and then a 7 year gap between the youngest two. The 3 under 3 mom is feeling it now and she admits to the stress. The one with age gaps loves it. The oldest child would actually wake up to feed the baby at night (formula babies) often and the bond between oldest and baby is incredibly sweet.
    Like you said I believe any age gap is planned, not by us but God. Yesterday one of my good friends he her 3rd baby. She is 2 older children 7 year gap now with the youngest and the baby, and 12 between baby and oldest. I always told her in His time. She wanted 5 year age gaps all around but the lil miss was born yesterday.
    I’ve always been told I cannot have kiddos, haven’t really wanted to or tried (not married) so I will see what the future holds. I LOVE that I have been blessed with my job, working with children. So I truly believe that is where I am supposed to be. I feel this just turned into word vomit.
    I love that Abigail can help you with the babies and that she talks (and talks and talks ha ha) so you get your cup filled a little bit each day.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I needed this today. Thanks Courtney!!

  3. What a sweet reminder! My kids were supposed to be closer in age, too. That’s how I planned it, but God had other plans. A 3 year age gap worked out just perfectly for my family. Can’t imagine life any other way now.

  4. Laura says:

    My sisters are six and ten years older than me. It took us awhile to get as close as we are today (I mean I had some growing up to do!) but I just adore them and our bond is so so strong. Siblings, when close, are some of the best relationships we will ever have!

  5. This post honestly made me feel so much better. My son is 2 1/2 and we’re on the verge of being ready for another and I worry all of the time if the gap will be too big!

  6. Hannah Beth Reid says:

    I have many of these same feelings about birth order/personality/gender. Leaving that in God’s hands is a blessing because he truly knows what is best for us. Our oldest is a girl, then three boys and we have had this conversation with her each time she wanted a sister and got a brother.
    Thank you for sharing these encouraging thoughts!

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