Toxic Synovitis

  1. Poor Mabel! What a scary experience. I’ve never heard of this condition before. The fact that it drags on for days and the kids are in so much pain sounds just awful. So glad she’s feeling better. April better be extra kind to Mabel!

  2. Shawna says:

    Sending prayers to your family and to little Mabel. xoxoxo

  3. Oh my goodness. Poor baby. I cannot even imagine thr pain. I struggle with a chronic leg/hip issue and I cant imagine that as a child. I will send prayers your way and hope she (and you all) are getting back to a normal pace.

  4. Terra Heck says:

    Oh gosh, I can see why that would be scary! This is the first I’ve heard of Toxic Synovitis. Prayers to ya.

  5. Tamara says:

    I found your blog tonight in a desperate attempt for info as I listen to my 11 hear old son wail in pain from the same diagnosis. We were at a walk in clinic and then Emergency department Saturday. Sunday he seemed a lot better, but just woke at 12am acreaming. I’m hoping that it is just the viral form and not bacterial, but keeping an eye on it. Thank you for sharing your experience with this.

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