Our New Dining Room Rug

  1. Amie says:

    Thank you for this info!! The 8 X 10 rug we got for our table is beautiful BUT we got it when Bowen was just born and needless to say in his toddlerness (don’t think that is a word) and just family gatherings it will need to be replaced. It sounds like this would be a better route for now.

  2. That looks so beautiful. Like you dont know whats missing until something is there.

    Years ago I managed to flood the carpet in my hallway so I yanked it out. I put in Congolium laminate (wood lam. planks) and ran them from my front door thru to my laundry room… which includes passing thru that hall. Well that hall also houses my furnace along it and my goodness one doesn’t know how loud it is until theres no carpet. I would love LOVE to have a rug in there thats long enough but its a 22′ long hall…. and those lengths are ridiculously priced.
    I do think I have carpet coming, if not I will definitely look into these-yours looks so nice.

  3. brittany says:

    the rug look sooooo good!!! and ha!!! pages of rugs on amazon…. oh my gosh, i’ve been there, too!!!

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