Walt Disney World

  1. Whitney says:

    Major props for the whole family being color coordinated (you and your dad were total twinsies, did you notice?) Im with you a week or two on site would be AMAZING but maybe I should be happy for a single visit- Ive never been to Disney World!

  2. Whitney says:

    PS- it may be hormones but it definitely got me emotional over Mabelโ€™s red balloon choice.

  3. Shawna says:

    Such a sweet, joyful and happy family!! I wish that I could have been there with your family-I would have held cute little Finn all day (all of your children are adorable, but Finn is the smallest)!!!

  4. That pic of Jim and Mabel. (The one with the funny faces) So so cute

  5. SO FUN!! I love that you just spent one day there and had an amazing time! I’m always overwhelmed with the idea of taking little kids to Disney for a week so your day trip sounds great. I loved every picture – such sweet smiles, such joy and so much fun!! Love all the outfits, all the fun memories made and I bet talking to Mickey would be so much fun. Please tell Mr Finn to slow down this growing up business. He’s looking so handsome and so much older all the sudden.

  6. […] to win! (He didn’t, but I got to go with him and it was a lot of fun) Of course, we spent a day at Disney while we were there- which was a blast! My Mimi drove over and my parents came […]

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