Why You Should Be Using Essential Oils

  1. Trisha says:

    Love your post! My son goes to daycare what oils would you recommend to make an immunity roller for him he is 18 months. Thank you!

    • courtneyspena@gmail.com says:

      Hey Trisha! Do you have and use oils regularly? If so, awesome! 🙂 For 18 months I would do something like 1 drop of Thieves and 1 drop of Lemon topped with carrier oil in a 10ml roller on the feet! (you could roll it on his spine too)

      I hope that helps!

  2. Stefanie says:

    I use lavendar all the time! And I diffuse eucalyptus or add it to bath salts in the winter when my kids have colds.

    • courtneyspena@gmail.com says:

      Yes! Both of those oils are fantastic. I think I use lavender for literally everything.

  3. Natalie says:

    The Breathe Again roller is a favorite! Lavender at bed gave me the funkiest dreams, but Stress Away works.

    • courtneyspena@gmail.com says:

      Have you tried deep relief yet? Oh my gosh- favorite pre-made roll on!

      And really about lavender? That’s crazy! I love Stress Away too though 🙂

  4. Where did you get the oil holder behind you and Finn in the last pic

    • courtneyspena@gmail.com says:

      It is an antique printers tray that my grandparents passed down to me!

      (but I have a post coming next week with my favorite oil accessories and I found a few online :))

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