1. Brittany Rae says:

    Happy happy birthday, Courtney. Thirty is so fun. I recently turned 37 and like dread life, ha ha. I am thinking wasn’t I just turning 31 (that was my golden birthday year). But I am much closer to the 40 side of things now and that scares me. But I have to remember I am right where I am supposed to be because people bigger than me have greater plans.

    Sorry y’all got sick! That had to have been awful. I LOVE the haircut and color. I don’t believe you have had highlights for a few and it looks so healthy.

    Have a blessed week

  2. Amanda Bumgarner says:

    So are you going to eat at Del Rio ever again? That totally stinks.
    But your hair is mega cute. Happy birthday!

  3. kristen says:

    happy belated birthday! ugh, food poisoning! the absolute worst. i’m sorry 🙁 yay 5lbs? lol.

  4. Hannah Beth Reid says:

    Happy birthday! That shirt is so funny!

  5. Terra says:

    Happy birthday! Love the shirt and the new ‘do. Sorry to hear you got food poisoning.

  6. brittany says:

    i hope you had suuuch a great birthday!!!! you will love 30s, i just know it. 🙂 xoxoxo!

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