1. Taylor says:

    Oh my gosh I came to your blog looking for more on your green crib and got sucked into this story. It sounds exactly (other than the diagnosis) like what happened to us when our first born was 15 months old. From the very very mild fever and teething sleepy symptoms the night before to waking up at 105.6 with blue lips and running him into the hospital. He seized and a we were admitted and every blood stick and test ran. We spent that one horrible night and he went home then feeling fine the next day around lunch. Ours was Scarlet Fever! Doesn’t that sound archaic? Luckily we have not run into extreme high temps with him again although I will say he seems to run hot. He can have the same viral cold as his brother and he’ll come in at 102 while brother stays around 99.9 Glad everyone is okay and I completely understand the need to recover from the crazy experience!!

    Now onto find more about that crib <3

  2. Whitney says:

    And now I’m crying reliving Finn’s hospital experience!! I cannot imagine seeing a reading of 107 on the thermometer – I would have reacted just like you did. I’m sure that was just awful watching him have that kind of reaction and all of the uncertainties during your stay. Thanks for asking for prayers in the midst of it so we could surround Finn with prayer. My kids have been both in the ER and it was such a scary time for me. They’ve long forgotten those experiences, but I have not. I’m so thankful your parents were in town and that you were able to get to the hospital quickly. God was sure looking out for your family throughout this whole experience.

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