That Time We Were On House Hunters

  1. Lindsay says:

    I think it’s great that you guys took the chance and got this great opportunity. I do think it’s interesting that you had to wear the same clothes, but it makes complete sense. Did they not try to provide a wardrobe for you guys seeing as you’d packed up most of your stuff? Had you already moved into your new house by the time the show aired? Were the other houses that were recorded on the show ones that you knew were a NO before you actually taped the show?? I am not sure if you can answer those questions, but its nice to know that “real” people get on that show! 😊

    • says:

      No wardrobe and no hair and makeup- it’s a pretty bare bones crew! Just a director, camera man, and sound guy! 🙂

      I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to answer the other questions- ha! But yeah- it was such a fun experience and we are so excited that we were selected for it!

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